Remember that we are open in Night Zoo every Thursdag, Friday and Saturday from 22-24 O'clock i July. Price is normal entry price or you can buy a combo ticket for day and night zoo for:
Adults: 170,- Pensioners: 150,- Children: 85,-

See you at Twilight hours and remember to bring your Covid 19 passport for everyone older than 15 years.

Remember your Coronapasport!
We are building and building and this time, it is the expansion of the Clouded Leopard enclosure that is easy to see, and while the guys are working, someone else is relaxing and enjoying the sun.
Opening hours  are 12-16 until saturday the 26 of June and then the opening hours are 10-17 everyday. 
See you in Krokodille Zoo


Food and drinks

You are very welcome to bring your own food and drinks, and there are picninc tables outside to use, when the weather permits. 

Cold beverages and icecreams are sold in Krokodille Zoo.

Entry prices

Prices are shown as main season/low season
‍Adults: 120/100 DKKR

Pensioners: 95/85 DKKR

Children between 4-11 years: 75/70 DKKR

Children 3 years old or younger: Free

*It is only possible to buy the tickets in the entrance


Unfortunately it is not possible to bring your dog in Krokodille Zoo, because of the monekys and birds in the tropical houses. Guide dogs are of course allowed.

Prams and strollers

Prams can be difficult to navigate inside the tropical houses. They can also block the traffic for the other visitors, so we reccomend to bring a stroller or to carry the child ind the Tropical houses. You can use the pram in the outdoor zoo and park it outside the Tropical houses.


Inside the Tropical houses, the temperatures are the same as in the crocodiles natural habitat, which means  between 22 and 28 degrees and an air humidity close to 90%.

Wheel chairs

Because of narrow pathways and steep inclines, it may be difficult to navigate a wheel chair inside the tropical houses. In the outdoor part of the Zoo, there is more space. We apologise for the inconvenience, and remember this when building new houses and enclosures.

Åbningstider 2021 douche farver engelsk
Åbningstider 2021 douche farver engelsk

Guided tour

Would you like a guided tour?


All animals are experienced on foot, and if you want your visit to be something special, you can arrange a guide to show you the world of the crocodiles and learn absout these amazing survivors, and get up close and even touch one -  if you dare!

A guided tour is bought as an addition to the entry tickets and is booked prior to the visit in Krokodille Zoo.

For questions of booking, please contact us on phone no.:  +45 54454242 or e-mail us at


Arrangements in Krokodille Zoo


Would you like to do something special for your frinds, family or coworkers?

Krokodille Zoo gives you the opportunity for a very different experience!
We have held several different events during the years and only the imaginations sets the limits!

So if you wish to arrange a birthday, a bachelor party. compagny outing, og something else, please contact to hear about the options.


For questions of booking, please contact us on phone no.:  +45 54454242 or e-mail us at

Visit from the animals and us

Visit from the Crocodiles

Duration: 1-2 hours.
When: Year round.
Starting price: 1500,- + transport. (Includes 3 animals and 1 zoo-guide).


For questions of booking, please contact us on phone no.:  +45 54454242 or e-mail us at