About Krokodille Zoo

Krokodille Zoo is founded by Rene Hedegaard, a Crocodile Enthusiast since his childhood, where he used to spend weekends and holidays in Copenhagen Zoo studying the reptiles and crocodiles in particular.

He pursuaded his father to keep a tortoise and later he expanded the collection with Water Dragons, Snakes, Frogs and Lizards much to his Mothers dislike.

When he was 18, he rented his own appartment where it was finally possible for him to keep the fascinating crocodiles. The first crocodile was a small Spectacled Caiman, which is now in display in Krokodille Zoo.

A year later, he bought a run down old pig and chicken farm on the island of Falster and started the work to build a Zoological house with Crocodiles. 

Krokodille Zoo first opened the doors for the public visitors in 2000 and has developed from a very small entrance and only 12 diplays with crocodiles to 4 connected tropical houses, a small but growing outdoor Zoo and all the Worlds Crocodilians, as well as Parrots, Clouded Leopards, Giant Tortoises, Giant Snakes and many species of freshwater turtles.

The purpose of collecting and keeping these animals is to raise awareness about conservation and the importance of big predators in an environment to protect it from changing the habitat completely. 

Every year, conservation money is send out to conservation projects around the World to protect the crocodiles and thereby the other species in the area. 

Krokodille Zoo - Ovstrupvej 9 - 4863 Eskilstrup - +45 54454242 - info@krokodillezoo.dk

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